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SMEs growth Romania

Purpose: Increase value creation and sustainable growth in the Romanian business sector by development and application of innovative green, blue or ICT technologies/products, processes and solutions

Eligible applicants: Romanian enterprises in the private sector, mainly Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises with no more than 25 % public ownership

Activities funded:

Green Industry Innovation:

  • Development, implementation and investment in innovative environmentally friendly technologies
  • Development of green products and services
  • Development and implementation of “greener production processes”’

Blue Growth:

  • Development and investment in maritime supra-structures
  • Development of solutions related to maritime transport
  • Development and investment in coastal and maritime tourism
  • Development and investment in blue biotechnology’
  • Development and investment in sea bed mining resources
  • Development of solutions on the blue energy
  • Development of innovative solutions within fisheries and aquaculture
  • Development of innovative solutions related to marine litter and waste
  • Development of innovative technologies for water supply, including desalination


  • Development of ICT products/processes/solutions
  • Development of products/processes/solutions using ICT components

Program budget: 18,466,666 divided between Programme focus areas as following:

  • Green Industry Innovation: EUR 11,066,666
  • Blue Growth: EUR 3,700,000
  • CT: EUR 3,700,000.

Grant value: min. EUR 200.000/ max. EUR 2.000.000

Funding rate: 10% - 70 %

Time to grant: 3-6 months


  • increasing competitiveness for Romanian enterprises within the mentioned areas, in the form of growth in turnover and net operating profit and job creation
  • contributing to the development and application of innovative technologies, processes and solutions, as well as reduction of CO2 emissions and more energy-efficient production processes


Regional Operational Programme 2014 – 2020 Romania

The Regional Operational Programme (ROP) aims at promoting smartly sustainable and inclusive growth in all regions in Romania making them more attractive places in which to live and work. The programme addresses the major development challenges for Romania: regional competitiveness, sustainable urban development, the low-carbon economy, and economic and social infrastructure at the regional and local level.

Priority axis 2.2: Enhancing SMEs' competitiveness focusing on Romania's high-growth economic sectors.


Eligible applicants:

  • Romanian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) from urban areas
  • Romanian Medium Enterprises from rural areas

Activities funded:

Investments financed by regional state aid:

  • Building and extending/improving production facilities
  • Acquiring tangible and intangible assets, including e-commerce means

Investments financed through de minimis aid:

  • Implementing the certification process for products, services or different specific processes, including certification of quality management systems, environmental and health systems.
  • Internationalization (participating in international fairs, exhibitions, commercial missions abroad)

Project size:

Sud Est Region – EUR 27.940.000
Sud Muntenia Region – EUR 38.670.000
Sud Vest Oltenia – EUR 17.970.000

Grant value: min. Eur 200.000 – max Eur 1.000.000

Funding rate: 60% - 90 %

Time to grant: 3 to 6 months from submission

Visuals on how the programme works


  • The establishment of a new production/service providing facility within the field area targeted through the investment
  • Extending the capacity of an existent enterprise by increasing the volume of at least one product/service within the field area targeted through the investment
  • Extending the products/services range of an existent enterprise by creating new products/services within the field area, that were not available before the investment 

Silvia Ursu