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Support for new products and technologies development in competence centers

Purpose: To increase the competitiveness of merchants by promoting cooperation between the research and industry sectors in the implementation of industrial research, new product and technology development projects. Competence center’s areas

  • Knowledge-based bio-economy - innovative solutions in forestry and wood processing
  • Knowledge-based bio-economy – agriculture and food production
  • Biomedicine, medicine, technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology
  • Smart materials, technologies, and engineering systems - smart materials
  • Smart materials technology and engineering - modern production technology and engineering
  • Information and communication technologies - engineering (electronics)
  • Information and communication technologies - information and communication technologies
  • Smart energy

An enterprise that works in one of the above-mentioned areas of support, can join a sectoral competence center for the implementation of a new product or technology development research projects.

Beneficiary: SMEs


  • Industrial research
  • Experimental development
  • Feasibility study for research projects

Call deadline: 31.12.2022

Additional information: call website


Classical innovation voucher program

Purpose: The program provides aid to merchants for the development of new products or technologies.

Beneficiary: SMEs


Within the program aid up to EUR 25 000 with 45-85% intensity can be obtained for the following activities which are implemented by the scientific institute:

  • Feasibility study
  • Industrial research required for the development of new products or technology
  • Experimental development, including prototyping
  • Product industrial design development
  • Corroboration of industrial property rights
  • Certification and testing services for a new product or technology
  • The attraction of highly qualified employees

Maximum Project Duration: 12 months

Criteria for Success:

  • The new product or technology has a reasonable demand
  • Increase applicant’s competitiveness and productivity
  • Business or development plan for a new product or technology from new product or technology development to production

Additional information: call website

Reinis Budriķis
Associate Partner

+371 28 462 326