Local funding

SMART Path – consortia

Aim of the programme: Funding is provided for industrial research and development work to create innovative products or technologies. The application can cover several modules such as the implementation of R&D results, R&D infrastructure, internationalisation, digitalisation, greening or competence development. The programme is dedicated to consortiums.

Project size: min. 230 000 EUR for SME, min. 460 000 EUR for large enterprises

Funding rate: up to 80%

FEnIKS – FENX.01.01 Energy Efficiency

Aim of the programme: This initiative aims to support the improvement of energy efficiency in residential and public utility buildings (for public institutions). For businesses, the focus will be on energy modernisation of corporate buildings and enhancing energy efficiency in manufacturing processes (medium and large enterprises).

Project size: na

Funding rate: up to 85%

FEnIKS – FENX.02.02 Development of RES

Aim of the programme: The planned support will be directed towards the implementation of projects involving the construction or reconstruction of installations for renewable energy sources to generate electricity, heat, and produce alternative fuels from RES (specifically biomethane and green hydrogen). The support beneficiaries may include entrepreneurs, public administration, as well as local government units.

Project size: na

Funding rate: up to 80%

FENG Ecological loan

Aim of the programme: The objective of this measure is to support solutions for energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Through the modernisation of infrastructure, including investments in new or improved products or processes, the programme contributes to the transformation increasing energy efficiency of companies (SMEs, small-mid caps, mid-caps).

Project size: max. 50 mln EUR

Funding rate: 25-80%

Hydrogenation of Economy

Aim of the programme: The program aims to foster a low-emission and zero-emission economy by supporting initiatives related to the implementation of hydrogen technologies alongside technical infrastructure for hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and utilization (enterprises, scientific units).

Project size: min. 2,3 mln EUR

Funding rate: up to 85%